10 spring restaurants we can’t stop talking about


Chorizo Poppers at Barcelona Tavern

Nashville hot chicken; Cold Tea gets a revamp; and Grant van Gameren is on fire. There's plenty to take a bite out of this spring in Toronto.

Here are the restaurants you need to check out. 

Down a dimly lit hallway past two vintage stores is an unstaffed steel door: welcome to the market’s Cold Tea bar. The 60 Kensington Ave. joint was fully renoed at the end of 2017 and reopened not just with high-concept lighting, but a whole new identity: Asian–South American snack bar. Juanmoto is the brainchild of fusion-obsessed chef Leemo Han (Hanmoto and more), and his new kitchen’s oysters topped with salsa, tobiko and roe confirm it: the market is now upmarket.  

Barcelona Tavern
Our fair city has enough tapas bars to populate entire “best of” lists, and it turns out love of Spanish eats is a cross-country affair. This month, Calgary’s Barcelona Tavern comes to Liberty Village at 109 Atlantic Ave. to dole out its tiny delicioso morsels and signature paellas to hungry condo dwellers. 

Frankie’s Italian
As Leslievillians mourn the loss of Lil’ Baci, owners Mark Bacci, Riyaz Somani and Suresh Singh have been busy planning an on-site resto rebirth. Frankie's Italian is their new baby coming soon at 892 Queen St. E. — if babies were handmade-pasta filled and came with a Negroni bar. This new member of their family will be headed by Annabelle chef Brandyn Koester. 

Grant van Gameren is on fire. And now his food’s on fire too. He’s up to restaurant number seven, Quetzal (419 College St.), where chefs Kate Chomyshyn and Julio Guajardo (both of El Rey), and Owen Walker (the genius behind the bar) will cook traditional Mexican fare over a 28-foot-long open flame. Hot.

Paris Paris
Say yes to just “one” more glass at this unfussy all-day Dundas West wine bar. 


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Kay Pacha
Peruvian food gets its chance to shine on St. Clair W. 

Five Points
Nashville hot chicken on Bloor: so hot, so delicious. Beware the Devil’s Breath.

Uncle Mikey’s
Korean bar snacks are where it’s aton trendy Dundas West. Don’t forget the soju! 

Classic French flavours with a few new tweaks near Queen West. You butter check it out.   

We love the sliced beef in chili oil from this tiny Chinese takeout spot at Yonge and Sheppard.

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