Cafe Bon Bon brings innovative Asian fusion dishes to the 905

Options include traditional Taiwanese oolong tea and soufflé pancakes


L–R: owners Steve Kuo, Saiko Chen and David Chen

Café Bon Bon is the newest addition to Richmond Hill’s competitive tea and dessert scene, but you’ll find no boba or eggettes in this upscale café. With a focus on high-quality Taiwanese tea, beans from local roasters Propeller Coffee and innovative Asian fusion dishes, Café Bon Bon is giving the local competition a run for their money. Co-owner David Chen tells us about this new neighbourhood hangout.

What inspired your team to open Café Bon Bon? All of our members are from Taiwan, and each has at least five years of experience in the restaurant industry. I was a manager of Wind Restaurant in Niagara Falls, and the other co-owners came from Ten Ren Tea, so they came here with really strong experience and professional expertise in tea and coffee. The reason why we opened this upscale café is to offer the highest quality of food and beverages.

What makes your tea unique? Taiwanese tea is very famous worldwide. I know there’s a lot of different teas in the market already, but we can provide a certificate that the tea doesn’t include artificial additives, and we can serve it in the right way for our customers. We’re careful about water temperature and steeping time for each tea so that each customer gets the same consistent quality of tea.

What do you recommend, food- and beverage-wise, for new customers? My favourite tea is called the Eastern Beauty. It’s a traditional Taiwanese oolong tea. And we have great Asian-style pastas, like our umami soba, which has grilled eggplant and miso with a housemade tea jelly over soba noodles. For dessert, we make our soufflé pancakes from scratch with a tea-flavoured soft serve ice cream.

Cafe Bon Bon, 550 Hwy. 7 E. Unit 89-90, 905-597-3166

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